Joseph's Synthesis

Of the theme in the problem …

Various themes were proposed, I held(retained) with my binomial the theme " The challenges of the space ". In front of the difficulty and of the too wide choice of investigation, with Alexis, we have several times, changed problem to direct us finally to the aviation. Indeed, Alexis, quite as me, let us be fascinated by all which relates to the plane and, holder of the B.I.A ., I then found interesting to make our personal works framed(supervised) on this theme.

As one goes along, by limiting the subject, we thus reached the outcome of a problem, namely:


" In what a plane, of part its typology and the mechanisms which practice(are applied) on him, he can steal? "



Of the problem in the production …

Within our binomial, after the beginning of year when we worked together to establish a problem, we thus built, or at least envisaged a plan to be able to divide up the searches(researches) and the work fairly. This allowing us to make a more profitable work. As for me, I visited various web sites, leafed down various magazines(reviews), by selecting diverse information which seemed to me important. We also have, with Alexis, got in touch with a professor of the school of the " Appearances(Mines) of Nantes ". According to the searches(researches), we were finally able to establish(constitute) our plan which is the following one:


1. Introduction

2. The flightThe fuselage

Means of propulsion


3. The typology of the device

The mechanics of the flight(theft)

The various types(chaps) of flight(theft)

The wing and its principles

4. Conclusion


The production …

Given the theme chosen at first, we decided to return our production in the form of web site which allies French and English version, what appears to us to be rather original, as well as a production was written in the form of file. The elaboration of our web site was not thing(matter)

Easy, because it was necessary at first to find when and how we could create a not paying site, and then, get acquainted with the various modules of this site to introduce our contents there.


Answer to the problem …

While answering the problem, we were able to notice, that the flight(theft) of a plane depended on several factors(mailmen). For certain persons, the flight(theft) amounts simply to wings. Certainly, one of the engines main part of the flight(theft) is of course the wing, which allows the plane to remain in the air(sight). However, only, the wing would have no effect. It is thus important to consider the typology of the device which associates fuselage, means of propulsions and steerages which also play a major role in the dynamics of the flight(theft). This phenomenon which so much impressed and which still impresses remains all the same complex.

 In brief, the plane thus rises, during the takeoff, thanks to a called phenomenon " principle of Bernoulli ", which defines itself by a decrease of the exercised pressure when the plane gains speed. This effect thus has an influence on the portance which consequently will increase, so favoring the rise in the air(sight). Then, will practice(be applied) throughout the flight(theft), four strengths which will maintain the plane in balance.

In briefing, the glide thus rises, during the takeoff, thanks to has called phenomenon " principle of Bernoulli ", which defines itself by has decrease of the exercised presses when the smooths earnings(gains) speed. This effect thus has the year influence one the portance which consequently increase will, so favoring the rise in the air(sight) (sight ). Then, practice will (be applied) throughout the flight ( theft ), oven strengths which will flat maintain the in balance.


Balance sheet…

The TPE improves the critical faculty which the pupil owes have to approach a document. The TPE allows to develop the autonomy as well as the teamwork which is more and more favored in the trainings(formations) of the higher education. These two phases of the work must be organized to be effective and to end for the deadlines(extensions). The oral test of the TPE is an exercise of communication which it is useful to master in the future professional life. Consequently, the skills required(demanded) the TPE is varied and thus bring one more to the pupils.



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