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This site is the result of the work made by Joseph Rimpôt and Alexis Le Carbonnier throughout their year of 1st Scientist at the Holy high school François de Sales. This work was elaborated within the framework of the TPE ( Framed(Supervised) Personal Works) of the 6th year of high school.


Nowadays, the aeronautics is a part of one of the economic domains most in growth, and several million people realized this day the dream of our ancestors: reach and surpass clouds. The plane, in century, acquired a popularity without limit. However, its mechanics of flight remains relatively dark. Let us ask a passer-by in the street if it knows how and thanks to what flies a plane, he will answer you simply: " thanks to its wings let us see! ".

But why ?

Mechanisms and physical phenomena favor to which a plane can amount in the airs are much more complex than we could believe. The shape of the plane and the materials which constitute it are the main and essential characteristics allowing its flight. The aerodynamics, that is the part of the physics which treats phenomena connected to the relative movement of solids with regard to the air. It is thus a very important and omnipresent science concernantles characteristics and the performances of a plane.


" In what the plane, of part its typology and the mechanisms which apply to him, he can steal? "

Having presented the characteristics of flight : mechanics, various types of flight and the wing, so allowing a plane to rise in the airs, we shall study the typology of the device: fuselage, means of propulsion and steerages.

" The aviation is the proof that with a lot of will and perfect, we have the capacity to achieve what was before: the impossible. "

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